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What is the Popular Cat Video Game

    There’s a new game that everybody is talking about and playing where you get to play as a cat – yes – a domestic looking housecat – in a futuristic city. It’s also not from one of the massive publishing houses like EA games or Rockstar – the game is called Stray.

    Stray comes from Annapurna Interactive and is developed by BlueTwelve Studio. Stray has taken over the gaming world on PlayStation and PC (via Steam).

    We’ve compiled some high-level points about Stray to help familiarize you with the game, mechanics, and spoiler-free plot. Continue reading below for the details.

    What’s the story (spoiler free) in Stray?

    • The main character who you play as is a domestic looking stray cat.
    • The cat is alone, lost, and separated from the rest of its family.
    • Your goal is to escape. To do so, you must solve the long-forgotten cybercity’s ancient mystery.

    What’s the gameplay like in Stray?

    • You play the game in third-feline (we mean third-person).
    • The cat in the game moves and has the actions available as a real cat.
    • That means a lot of jumping, knocking things over, being nimble, and stealthy.
    • All the motions and actions feel very realistic to those of a cat – they’re based in actual movements.
    • You can interact with strange characters in the world which always leads to something fun.

    What makes Stray so popular?

    • Simple – people love cats. It really is that cut and dry as one of the main selling points. Getting to play as a realistic-moving cat is a unique gaming experience.
    • You get to see the world through the eyes of a cat – that includes being playful and having fun!
    • The futuristic environment is unique, and the graphics are fantastic.
    • The mystery, puzzles, and story are engaging.
    • It’s accessible to gamers of most ages (as long as you can read/follow along with the story). IE, it’s not like hopping into Call of Duty and having a hail of bullets flying around you.

    Helpful guides

    We’ve created a few guides with some easy to use tips once you stary playing Stray. Check them out!  

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