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    Use this page for suggested tips to fix issues with the keys, buttons, or keyboard on your Apple iPad. Many writers today write whenever and wherever an idea strikes them. One of the most popular tools for writing on the go has become the Apple iPad. But with technology, comes issues. Now, rather than call customer service and sit on the phone for hours while your great ideas fade, use the info below!

    Possible causes of the problem

    • Hardware issue with the phone, battery, or case/cover
    • Software issue or low memory
    • Settings set incorrectly

    On-screen keyboard issues OR keys respond incorrectly / unresponsive

    1. Turn off and then turn on the device.
      • It is recommended to restart a device at least once a week, even when you are not having issues as apps are always running in the background.
      • This causes battery drain, slowness, heat, and other software issues. Restarting can help to resolve this.
    1. If the issues only happens when you are writing in a specific app:
      • Clear the app cache and data (go to your device settings > application > options).
      • Uninstall and then re-install the app.
    2. Reset your keyboard settings (go to settings > general > keyboard).
    3. Make sure your device has at least 15% storage remaining.
      • Having enough memory is important in how the device performs daily operations.
    4. Remove any cases or covers from the phone as they may be causing button interface or be holding down hardware buttons.
    5. Hold the power key and volume down button at the same time for up to 45 seconds to reset your device.
      • This doesn’t not delete any of your data.
    6. Check for device damage as this could be the root cause of your issue.
    7. Make sure the device is not locked or in standby mode.
      • You might not realize the device is one of these modes and it can cause issues.
    8. If a button seems stuck, press the button from side to side to notch it in place. The motion can free a stuck button that might have gotten stuck from spilled coffer or something else.
    9. If you’re still having issues, unfortunately you’ll need to either reach out to your mobile service provider or the manufacturer of your device.