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How to Save Battery Life a Samsung Galaxy Device

    A constant source of pain for any mobile device user is running out of your battery before you can get to a charger.

    While the the Samsung Galaxy phone series can boast about a great internal battery (meaning, you can’t remove it), if you’re using it incorrectly or over the life of the device, your battery may drain much faster than expected.

    Read on for details about the battery, how long a charge lasts, and how to save battery life.


    General Battery Specs for Galaxy Devices

    • Full battery charge lasts when using the phone: 31 – 50 hours
    • Full battery charge lasts when in standby: 403 – 432 hours
    • Common battery type and size: 4000 mAh
    • Wireless charging type: Qi, WPC, PMA
    The Samsung Galaxy Ultra 22 is a top of the line device


    Tips to save battery life

    We’ve got eight tips to help you conserve the battery on your device. Even just following one or two of the tips below will give you more time on your phone. They’re all best practices to keep you on your phone longer.

    If you’re uncertain how to perform any of the actions below, follow the linked guides or checkout Samsung’s support site at

    Tip 1 – Set the phone to sleep right after you’re done using it by pressing the power button quickly

    This will turn off the screen but NOT turn the device off.

    Tip 2 – Change application sync settings

    If your phone is constantly syncing, it will continually use the battery.

    Tip 3 – Always update to the latest software

    Software updates can resolve issues and improve device performance.


    Tip 4 – Turn off background data

    Unless you change an application’s settings, it may continually run in the background and syphon your charge.

    Tip 5 – Lower screen brightness and the shorten the timeout

    The screen on the device is a big drain on the battery life. You can double the life of the charge by simply dimming the brightness.

    Tip 6 – Turn off connections

    Connections such as a Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, and if you don’t need internet – your Wi-Fi.

    Tip 7 – If you’re not in need of a cellular network, you can switch (via settings) down to 2G speeds

    2G uses less data than 5G or 4G.

    Tip 8 – Uninstall apps you don’t use

    Similar to turning off background data, simply uninstalling unused apps is a great way to save battery. You might not realize the drain they’re putting on your battery.

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