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How to write & post an Amazon video review

    Use this page to learn how to post a video review on Posting a video review allows you to share your opinion with other customers and influence their decision on purchasing items.

    Review requirements

    • You need an active Amazon account
    • Your active account must have successfully bough any product or digital service in the past (free downloads don’t count)
    • You do NOT need to have purchased the item from Amazon that you want to review. However, you will not get the ‘Verified purchase’ description in your review and the review will not be taken as seriously.

    Post a video review

    1. Using your own software or camera, record your video review and save it to a location on your computer.
    2. Go to and then go to the item you want to review.
    3. Scroll down to the Customer Review section and then click Write a customer review. Follow our guide for writing tips!
    4. Add a star rating and a short summary review, then click Add phot/video.
    5. Browse to the location on your computer where you recorded and saved a video, then select it.
    6. Click Submit.
    7. Submissions that do not follow the Amazon Community Guidelines will not be posted.