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How to write and manage email on an Apple iPhone


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    Use this page to learn write email messages and manage your email accounts on an Apple iPhone. More and more companies and individuals are using tablets in addition to traditional desktop computers to conduct business. This means responding at all times of the day. This guide will help you stay on pace with the current trends.

    Writing tips

    Mobile and touchscreen keyboards aren’t always the easiest piece of hardware for composing an email. Here’s a few tips to ensure your mobile emails look professional.

    • Use proper grammar and spelling. See our iPhone & iPad grammar guide for tips.
    • Avoid large blocks of text. Just because you’re on a mobile device, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice formatting standards.
    • Create a personal signature and remove the generic ‘sent from my iPad / iPhone’ signature. This is unnecessary text to include and is distracting. See our Signature guide for steps.
    • Consider purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard if you write and send a lot of emails from your mobile device. This not only expedites the process, but gives you more control. Check out Amazon for great, affordable options.

    Write an email

    1. Find your Mail icon on the home screen or sub-folder and open it.
    2. Touch the Compose icon (bottom right) to begin writing.
    3. Type in an email address to enter a manual address or click the plus sign to add an address from your contact list.
    4. Enter your subject line and message.
    5. To add an attachment:
      • Tap and hold on a blank area in the message field for a few seconds, then release.
      • From the pop-up menu, select Insert Photo or Video.
      • Select your photo or video.
    6. Touch Send.

    Add an email account

    1. Open the Settings app.
    2. Tap Mail, then tap Accounts.
    3. Tap Add Account.
    4. Select the email account type you want to add to the Mail app. You can choose from:
      • iCloud
      • Exchange
      • Google
      • Yahoo!
      • AOL.
      • Other
    5. Type in your email address, password, and any other requested information.
    6. Tap Next, and then select your sync options if you have any preferences.
    7. Click Save when you are complete with the setup process.