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How to write an Amazon product review

    Use this page to learn how to write a product review on Writing a review allows you to share your opinion with other customers and influence their decision on purchasing items.

    Review requirements

    • You need an active Amazon account
    • Your active account must have successfully bough any product or digital service in the past (free downloads don’t count)
    • You do NOT need to have purchased the item from Amazon that you want to review. However, you will not get the ‘Verified purchase’ description in your review and the review will not be taken as seriously.

    Post a review

    1. Go to and then go to the product you want to review.
    2. Scroll down to the Customer Review section.
    3. Click Write a customer review.
    4. Write your product review. Here’s a few tips on what to include in a review:
      • Was the product as described on the site
      • Is the product durable
      • How is the quality of the product in comparison to the picture
      • How does the price compare to that found elsewhere
      • After owning the product, are you happy with the purchase
    5. Click Submit.