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How to write a birthday party thank you card


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    Use this page to help you write a thank you card for your birthday, or your kids party. Thank you notes are essentially a requirement if your guests give you a gift or attend your party.

    When to send

    Thank you notes should be sent very close to when the birthday party occurred. Make it timely, and at least within a month of the party.


    • Make sure you have every gift accounted for and who gave what. This is your master list.
    • Make sure you have the correct spelling of the recipient’s first and last name. Even if the thank you note is informal (such as Uncle Bobby), you’ll need to know the full name for mailing your cards.

    What to use

    Buy a thank you card or set of cards

    Personal stationary

    • If buying a set of cards isn’t for you, use personal stationary that includes your family’s name and is printed on nice stock of paper.
    • Don’t use just a plain old piece of printer paper.

    Handwritten or typed?

    Go with handwritten.

    • This adds a personal touch and shows you dedicated personal time directly to thanking someone, instead of cutting and pasting from something pre-existing.
    • If handwriting is not an option for you, just make sure that the message content is personal and select a font that looks handwritten (like in our example image below).

    What to say in the note

    The toughest aspect of writing a thank you note for most people is what to actually say in the note. Here’s a template for you to follow and customize. The numbers below correspond to our example image here so you can see a full note in practice!

    bday thank you

    1 – Intro

    Start with a warm phrase and the recipient’s name.

    • Examples: Dear Mom – Hello Uncle Timmy – To my maid of honor

    2 – Say thanks

    Immediately let the recipient that you are thankful for their gift.

    • Examples: Little Ned is so thankful that you helped plan the party…  Thank you for taking the time to come to our party…..  Thank you so much for the [name of gift]…
    • Example if you’ve been delayed in sending thank you: We’ve been intending to send something sooner, but life has just been flying by with these little kids!

    3 – Add an personal touch and additional details

    Include additional details, a personal story, or state that you’re looking forward to seeing them again soon.

    • Examples: We could never have planned our party without your help…. Seeing you on the dance floor really made us happy …. I can’t wait to try out my new [name of gift]…

    4 – End the note

    Take a moment to say thanks once more time for what the recipient did and end with a nice closing regards. Sign your name or names after the regard.

    • Examples: Love, – With all our love, – Sincerely, – Truly thankful,

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