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How to run audio setup on the Xbox

    The audio component in Xbox gaming is almost equally important as the visuals you see on the screen. Audio output will help you immerse yourself into the game you’re playing.

    One other benefit of the sound comportment is that it enables enables a variety of methods that make it accessible to all types of gamers that may have sight related issues or require audio commands to navigate and play games.

    Depending on your hardware and if you’re having connectivity issues, you may want to run the audio troubleshooting test on your Xbox to identify potential issues or resolve connection problems.

    This guide will provide simple steps to help you run the audio test on your Xbox and get your sound running as desired.

    Description of common issues to run the test

    Below is a summary of what you may experience. The guide will help resolve this issue:

    • Your audio typically comes out of a soundbar and won’t output when playing Xbox.
    • You got a new new TV, connect everything, but the TV is not outputting any audio when on Xbox.
    • You purchase a new Xbox headset. Plug the headset into a controller or pair via Bluetooth to the Xbox and then the game audio does not come out through the headset.
    XBOX headset

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    How to check the Xbox audio settings

    While the Xbox should automatically detect the new hardware and setup audio output correctly, it’s does not do this 100% of the time. You’ll need to check the Xbox audio settings.

    Press the Xbox button on your controller > Select the settings/gear icon > Select the Audio setting option > Navigate through the volume and audio options.

    If you’re looking specifically for details on a new headset, review the headset audio settings.

    How to run the Xbox audio setup guide

    If you have continued problems connecting hardware, running the setup tool on the Xbox will help. One thing to note – Xbox is constantly updating the interface and it is subject to change.

    Step 1 – Make sure you’re not actively playing a game to avoid losing any progress. Save the game if you need to.

    Step 2 – From any screen, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the menu.

    Step 3 – Select Profile & system, then Settings, then General, then Volume & audio output.

    Step 4 – Navigate to Advanced, then select Audio setup.

    Step 5 – Navigate to the audio option you want to use (such as speakers) and then select it to run the setup test.

    Step 6 – Review the available audio options.

    The list will vary depending on your audio connections (such as a soundbar, TV, headset, etc.) Detected available options will be the only items to appear.

    Step 7 – Pay attention as the test runs and listen to where audio comes from. Select the desired option.

    Continued Troubleshooting

    If you continue to have issues with Audio on your Xbox, you can follow our guide if you’re having headset issues, or you can check out Microsoft’s support.

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