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How to play a Roblox game with friends on an Apple iPad

    Roblox is a game that is popular and is played on nearly every device. You can play Roblox on many devices like Android, on PC, on consoles like XBOX, PlayStation – but the iPad is a very common choice.


    If you don’t know what Roblox is, it’s a place to create, explore, play and socialize within millions of worlds that are user generated. This makes it accessible to gamers of all ages and skill levels, depending on the type of game to play.

    Because Roblox is so popular, you’ve probably got friends you want to play with. It might seem simple, but there’s a little trick to joining a game with a friend.

    Luckily, Roblox makes it quite simple to let everyone play together. There’s a few requirements and some simple steps, but our guide covers how to make this happen.


    There are only two simple requirements to join with friends on Roblox:

    • You need own unique Roblox ID / account. See our guide if you need help creating an account: How to make a Roblox account
    • An active internet connection so you can connect with friends.

    How to join a Roblox game with a friend

    To play with a friend on Roblox, one of the friends will need to initiate a game first, then you can join after (or vice versa – ie you start the game then they join with you).

    Step 1 – From one of the devices, find and start the Roblox game to play.

    Step 2 – Wait for the game to load and begin.

    Step 3 – From the other devices, tap the name of the first friend who started the game.

    An active game indicator is a little green circle next to the username. This appears on the Roblox app home page where friends are listed.

    Step 4 – Tap the Join option.

    The screen will shift to the game and they’ll be loaded into the new game with the first corresponding friend. You’re now playing the same game together!

    As a tip – frequently review your friends list. This will ensure you’re only connecting with the people you want to.

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