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How to Play Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch

    You can download the popular game Fortnite Battle Royale on the Switch for free. There’s also multiple options depending on what works best for you.

    The good thing is, it’s a simple process with multiple options to get started with downloading Fortnite. Check out the details below.


    Device Download Requirement

    It might seem obvious, but you’ll need an Nintendo Switch device (any model) in order to play Fortnite on your Switch device.

    If you try to download through a web browser that doesn’t connect to the Nintendo Store, you won’t be able to proceed with the process.

    Option 1 – Download from your Nintendo Switch

    1. Start your Switch and make sure you’re device is connected to the internet.

    2. Access the Nintendo eShop store. Depending on your Switch software version and layout, this could be in multiple locations. You can easily press the Home button on your controller and select the shop.

    3. In the search bar, type in Fortnite.

    4. Click the Download button and begin the download.


    Option 2 – Download / Queue from a web browser

    You can login to your Nintendo account to queue up the Fortnite download from a web browser.

    1. Go to the Nintendo store website:

    2. Click the Log In / Sign In link.

    3. Login with your Nintendo credentials. This could be your email.

    4. Run a search for Fortnite.

    5. Select the download option to queue up the download.


    Download on other platforms

    From the device you want to play Fornite on, you can visit the app store or game marketplace, search for Fortnite, and download.

    You can also download in the following places:


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