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How to Fix Minecraft 1.19 Update Issues on Xbox

    Minecraft, by Mojang, is an incredibly popular game on every console and computer. Creating virtual worlds in Minecraft has been around far longer than any recent metaverse conversations and does so better than most recent meta claims.

    You can play Minecraft solo or online with friends and family, in Realms or on private servers. However, you may run into an issue related to a recent Minecraft version update that can limit your ability to join a realm with friends.

    Minecraft recently launched version 1.19 (this article was written in August 2022), and if you’re on a earlier version, you might run into errors joining up. You also might not get the notification to update to 1.19 and may want to push the update through without waiting.

    This guide will provide multiple options to help you update if your system won’t automatically complete it and also confirm some common errors you may be running into to let you know you’re in the right place.

    Error messages you may encounter

    There’s a few in-game errors you may run into when you either go to update the game or when you try to join a realm with friends. Here’s what you might see:

    • Errors when attempting to update:
      • No Update Available message
      • Go to the download queue – the update may be stuck in the queue
    • Errors when attempting to join Realm:
      • Could not connect:Outdated Client!
      • disconnection.Screen.outdatedClient.Realms. NonOwner.title

    How to fix the issue and force a Minecraft update

    There’s one simple option to force a Minecraft update if it won’t update automatically.

    1. Uninstall Minecraft from the console.
    2. Re-download and install Minecraft again.

    If you needs steps on uninstalling games, you can follow our guide for any Xbox console.

    When you download Minecraft the second time, it will download the current version of Minecraft and circumvent the app update issue.

    You won’t lose your data or settings because they’re associated with your login.

    How to update if you’re on the Xbox Insider Program

    The Xbox Insider Program gives you the opportunity to give Microsoft feedback on the Xbox system updates and upcoming features, in addition to games in development on Xbox consoles and Windows 10/11 devices.

    If you’re an Insider, you might be running into a conflict with a Minecraft update.

    1. Go to the Insider Hub app on your Xbox.
    2. Leave all programs, including system updates and beta tests.
    3. Once you leave the programs, you should be able to update to the new Minecraft 1.19 version.

    How to update if you’re on any Minecraft beta version or program

    • The beta Minecraft programs or Microsoft programs have been discontinued.
    • These programs have mover to the Xbox Insider App as Minecraft Preview.
    • If you’re using any other version, it won’t update properly.
    • This may still cause issues though as well as noted in the Insider issue described above.

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