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How to Download Fortnite for Free

    You can download the popular game Fortnite Battle Royale on many different devices for free.

    Regardless of the device you want to use, like an XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo, or mobile device, it’s a simple process to get started with downloading Fortnite.

    Each device has a different method or website that you’ll need to use to download. Check out the details below.

    Download Fortnite from a Web Browser

    Without even turning on your device, you can queue up a download of Fortnite for your favorite gaming system.


    Step 1 – Visit your gaming marketplace website:

    Step 2 – Login using your credentials, then run a search for Fortnite.

    Step 3 – Select the option to download/install Fortnite on your device.


    Step 4 – The next time you turn on your device, Fortnite will download, install, and soon be ready to play.


    Download from a device

    Step 1 – On any device, access either an App store or the gaming marketplace / store – like the Nintendo Store or PlayStation store. 

    Step 2 – Run a search for Fortnite.

    Step 3 – Select the option to Download/Install.

    Step 4 – Enter your credentials to allow the download.

    The steps may vary, but they’re quick and easy!