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How to Auto Convert Units of Measure (like Temperature) in iMessage

    iMessage is the most common way to send texts and pictures on any of the iOS devices. But iMessage can do so much more than send basic text. It can convert temperature, weight, and more units. You just need to know the tricks.

    When you either send a message or get a message from an iPhone contact, there’s options you may not know about to get more information with just the press of a button.

    Having an easy option to convert units is great for when you’re communicating with friends and family who may have a different base language or country of origin. Think of how easy it would be to share tips on building a deck if you like in the U.S. and your contractor uncle lives in the U.K.

    Check out the guide below for the quick tip that could make understanding different measurements super simple when using iMessage.


    Convert unit in iMessage

    This function also works for many other units, such as weight (pounds or kilograms), measurements (inches vs centimeters), foreign currency (dollars vs pounds), etc.

    Step 1 – Open up the message that contains the unit of measure, like the temperature.

    Step 2 – Long press on the unit of measure to convert.

    Step 3 – A popup will appear with convert options.

    Convert units of measure

    Step 4 – Review the different measures, such as Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin.

    Step 5 – If you’ve long pressed on other units, like weight, you may see pounds or kilograms.

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