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How to Add the Draw Tab in the Microsoft Word Toolbar

    When using Microsoft Word, you might want to use the pen or marker functions to draw on your word document.

    This is also called ‘inking’ or ‘drawing’ and can be found from the Draw tab. This lets you ‘write’ with either a mouse, your finger, or a computer pen.

    Teachers, editors, and people who want to sign a document may need this functionality in Word. We’ve got the steps below so you can enable this option.


    Turn on the Draw tab option in Microsoft Word

    In order to write on a document, you’ll need to pick options from the Draw tab in Word.

    In some versions of Microsoft Word, the Draw tab is turned off by default, which is why you may not see it. Here’s the steps to turn on the Draw tab so it appears in the Word toolbar.

    1. From the top of Microsoft Word, click File, then Options.

    2. Click theĀ Customize Ribbon tab, click the check box labeled Draw, then click OK.

    What’s Next

    Once the Draw tab has been added, you can select writing options – such as the pen or marker – from the Draw tab. To write in Microsoft Word, check out our guide.