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How to create icons in PowerPoint (PPT)

    Use this page as a guide to create icons using Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT).


    With a basic knowledge of PPT, you can create iconic icons. Even the PowerPoint icon is just a couple of squares and circle with clever editing.

    Software you need

    • Microsoft PowerPoint

    Additional software

    • Microsoft Paint
    • Image snipping tool or print screen button.



    When writing a presentation, document, or add, you may need to create unique icons for your content but not have the budget hire a designer. ¬†But don’t worry! Even the least artistic of people can create simply icons. Here’s a few tips when planning:

    • Pick a color scheme and keep it simple. Only using a few colors will make it easier.
    • Think in geometric shapes. Everything in the world is composed of simple geometric shapes.
    • Stay on brand. Make sure whatever you’re doing stays on your company’s brand. This will help create recognition.


    Sample icon creation

    To show you how easy it is to create an icon, here’s an example of how to create a wrench icon from scratch in PPT. This example is using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, but any recent version of PPT is capable (menu options may vary).

    1. Open PowerPoint, then click the INSERT tab (at the top), then the Shapes icon.
    2. Choose the Rounded Rectangle shape.shapes
    3. Draw a rounded rectangle.roundeddefault
    4. Click the rounded rectangle you just drew and then click Drawing Tools (at the top).
      drawing tools
    5. Change the Shape Fill and Shape Outline your desired color. Make these both the same color. Your rectangle will now change colors.
    6. Click the Insert tab (at the top), then the Shapes icon, like you did in step 1.
    7. Choose the circle icon, then draw a circle. Once drawn, change the colors of the Shape Fill and Shape Outline, like you did in step 5.
    8. Move the circle icon over top of one end of the rounded rectangle.
    9. Click the Insert tab (at the top), then the Shapes icon, like you did in step 1.
    10. Choose the rounded rectangle again, but this time draw a smaller one.
    11. Move the small rectangle onto the circle. If the new rectangle is appearing behind the circle, right click the small rectangle, then click Bring to front.
    12. Change the shape fill and shape outline of the new rounded rectangle to the same color as your background. In this case, our background is white, but you can make your background any color.
    13. Click the Insert tab (at the top), then the Shapes icon, like you did in step 1. Draw a very small circle, then change the small circle’s shape fill and shape outline to the background color (in this case white). Move the small circle to the back of the wrench.
    14. If desired, add box around your brand new wrench icon. You can draw a rounded rectangle around your wrench. But this time, change the Shape Outline to a color you desire and the Shape Fill to NO FILL. This ensures your new icon is not hidden.
    15. Save the icon: You have three options to save your new icon from PPT and turn it into an image.
      • Save PowerPoint file as an image:
        1. Click the Save icon from PowePoint.
        2. When the pop-up appears to name and save your file, change your File Type to an image file type, such as JPEG or PNG.
      • Print screen:
        1. Simply hit CTRL+Print Screen button on your computer. This takes an image of your entire computer screen.
        2. Open Microsoft Paint and then hit CTRL+V to paste in your image.
        3. Use the toolbar in Microsoft Paint to crop your image to just your icon.
      • Snipping tool:
        1. Open your snipping tool (comes with most Microsoft PCs), click New, and then outline your icon.
        2. Once the icon is captured, click the Save icon in the snipping tool to save your file.



    With the use of some basic PPT skills and a few geometric shapes, you can create a vast array of icons. Now have some fun being an icon!