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Welcome to Rezolutioner, a site created to HELP YOU find solutions on Tech, Media, Gaming, and More for FREE!

At Rezolutioner, our main goal is to provide tech and tech-adjacent content that is easy to understand for users of all skill levels and familiarity. We believe in educating others so they can learn, grow, and help themselves.

If you’ve ever asked yourself the following, you’re in the right place:

  • “How can I do _____ on my phone?”
  • “How can  ____ app help me do ______ more efficiently?
  • “How does device _____ compare to device _______?”
  • “How do I fix ______ error?”
  • “What are some hidden tricks to get the most from _______ game?”
  • “What are the best _________ podcasts on ______topic?”

We also want to provide robust information and details to help you make an educated decision when choosing between a service, product, game, movie, podcast, and many other things.

About the staff

The main content creator of the site has worked in the tech and wireless industry since 2006, writing both internal and customer-facing content for readers of all skill levels and those with English as a second language. We have extensive experience with numerous content platforms and CMS applications through our work over the years.

We have a personal interest in all things tech, gaming, podcasts, movies, and more. These interests drive the content that we choose to write about with the goal of tying them to the ever-evolving tech world.

We’re based in the greater Philadelphia area, so you may see local area related content from time to time as it is relevant to the tech and media industry. It’s fun to simply switch things up every now and then – sometimes ranking podcasts is more exciting than detailing Excel formulas.

We hope you get the solutions you’re looking for from our site, even if we use a Z in the website’s name and you’ve got a thing against typos.